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just want to share that my cats really love your food.. especially the tuna and chicken flavor. they will finish 1 can for two days!! and we as their owner really love your cat litter. very cheap and have high quality!! already compare to other brands even the more expensive one, still prodiet cat litter is the best for us! Thank you prodiet! Nurul Hanina binti Abdul Hadi
My friend introduce ProDiet to me. She said this product is affordable and nutritious for cats. So I give it a try and my cats like it without any trouble. Hence I have been using ProDiet ever since.Rosmah (39), Pandan Indah
I've started to use your product to feed my cats few months ago. They really like it. Even the street cats come to join the feast every now and then. My cats numbers are growing bigger now. I'm glad to see my cats making new friends now.Ahzira (31), Selayang
My cats like the ProDiet a lot!! Previously, my cats have low appetite and very fussy when comes to the food that I fed them. But now, my cat is more energetic and more cheerful. That makes me a lot easier to take care of them and I am happier too!! I want to thank you for the good quality product.Jamie (23), Subang