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MDDB Sponsorship Ceremony 2013

On July 19th 2013, Pet World Marketing held a  Sponsorship ceremony to celebrate new ventures with Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better “MDDB”. Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better is a canine advocacy and welfare project initiated by NGO Community Development and Integration Initiative Bhd.. MDDB operates a half-way-home for dogs in Klang. Their main activities revolve around rescuing dogs from the local council pounds as well as off the streets. Once they have been rescued, the dogs are vaccinated and neutered before they are put for adoption. Their aim is to primarily address the issues pertaining to the stray management as well as to rescue, treat and rehome sick, abandoned and destitute dogs.

During the Sponsorship ceremony, held in the afternoon of July 19th 2013, Pet World Marketing proudly sponsored a one year sponsorship of pet food worth RM 54,000 to MDDB. The sponsorship ceremony was graced by Ms. Angel Wong Chui Ling, famous personality DJ & Actress, as well as MDDB celebrity spokes person, who received the sponsorship on behalf of MDDB. The ceremony attracted many media representatives & animal lovers on the day. The ceremony was made livelier with the attendance of two very special furry friends.

We hope this will mark a new beginning for our company to work closely with MDDB for other future events. Pet World Marketing is very passionate and enthusiastic about our mission to save the animals and we are very proud that we have a chance once again to further strengthen our CSR programs with the help of MDDB” Commented Mr. Choy Peng Yew, CEO of Pet World Marketing.

MDDB runs an adoption drive every forth night in specific locations, with the continuous effort to aware the public of the unwanted animals as well as to help house stray animals and give them a second chance at a better life. MDDB has managed to achieve their first international adoption to the United States and they are looking at many more opportunities to send stray animals to better homes. With help from adopters as well as individual corporations for cash contributions as well as food sponsorships, MDDB manages to support and house these stray animals.

Currently, it is a challenge finding homes for the ‘mama dogs’.” commented Ms. Wani Muthiah, Founder of MDDB.

Being a non-profit organization, MDDB depends solely on donations to fund their operations. Hence, Pet World Marketing leapt forward at the opportunity to sponsor pet food to help MDDB in their efforts whilst also increasing public support and awareness on animal welfare.

ProDiet® cat food and ProBalanceTM dog food are the leading pet-food brands in the market today, and were the two main sponsors for the event. ProDiet® is well known for its 100% Real Seafood formula that cats just cannot get enough. ProBalanceTM is well received by many pet-owners for its supplement of glucosamine and green tea essence that is beneficial for a dog’s well being. ProDiet® cat food and ProBalanceTM dog food are available in all major supermarkets and retail outlets. For further information, please contact or call our Hotline at 1-300-88-8388.

“On behalf of MDDB, I would like to express my sincere thanks and deep appreciation to Pet World Marketing Sdn Bhd in organising this Sponsorship and we are encouraged by the support shown to continue with our efforts to help the stray animals” commented Ms. Christine Lai MDDB Representative.

“Thank you to MDDB for approaching us and giving us this opportunity to help animals. We hope we can continue to achieve better results in the years to come”, said Peter Lee, Marketing and Business Development Manager for Pet World Marketing Sdn Bhd. MDDB is the second non profit organisation being fully sponsored for food by Pet World Marketing, and both parties are once again looking forward to running more events in the future.