In comparison to other pets, cats are more self-maintaining. They are constantly cleaning and grooming and making sure that they look their best. For many, bathing your cat frequently is not necessary, but there are various areas that they still need your help with cleaning as paws cannot reach them.

  • Cat’s ears need to be cleaned all the time therefore a weekly cleaning is needed to prevent common problems like ear mites, allergies, and bacterial, fungal, and yeast infections from taking hold.
  • If your cat is a long haired type regular grooming is needed to prevent tangle and matting, it is also rewarding as your pet cat will absolutely love it when you groom them. This also prevents cats from having hairball problems.
  • Trim their claws, because cat claw tends to be very sharp and it will be more comfortable for you to handle your cat and also to prevent any damage to your furniture.
  • Keeping your cats teeth clean is also a very important part, it is best to brush your cats’ teeth everyday but cleaning them two or three times a week is also acceptable.
  • Making sure your cat is flea and tick free, this is one of the important parts as flea and tick contain variety of diseases which will affect your cats’ health.
  • Vaccination is also very important as to keeps your pet health at best and to prevent disease, this is best done when your cat is still a kitten.
  • You should never trim your cats whiskers as this is one of the cats most sensitive areas where as they will use their whiskers to sense the area around them.
  • Make sure your cat is well nourished, if you are feeding your pet dry food remembers to give them enough water to drink.
  • When your cat is grooming themselves often you may be able to reduce the frequency by grooming them more often.


Cats are known to be individualistic and solitary. They prefer the company of a few and do not need attention unless necessary or demanded by them. In general, cats have a strange behavior when it comes to social connections. Some are overly affectionate and others refuse to be cuddled. With such vast differences in behavior, it is also difficult to train a cat. It is not impossible, but it will take countless amount of time and effort to let your cat know what is proper behavior.

  • When cats are being ignored they acknowledge the human as cat-friendly.
  • When cats groom you this show signs of affection as they treat you as one of their self.
  • If a cat rub against you this means they marks you as one of their territory/ property.
  • Cat show rejection if they start tilting their ears backward and interest when their ears are tilted front.
  • Cat greets each other by rubbing their faces, a cat only do so to the person they trust.
  • If a cat brings back a dead creature they should not be punished as it is their way of showing their kitten to hunt and also as a gift for their owner.
  • If your cat sleeps most of the time, do not worry because this is their nature as they will sleep for an average of 16 hours a day.
  • Cat is best taught when they are still young as things are best learned when they are still a kitten.
  • Cat litter tray must be placed on a strategic location. Most of us placed the tray at the laundry room might frighten the cat with the noise. Therefore places which are more quiet and peaceful are ideal for your cats.


There are times when your pet will need your understanding to keep them safe from harmful situations or environments, but there are also sometimes when you will not be able to avoid these misdeeds from occurring. Therefore here are the few main tips you should look out for when your pet needed your help.

  • Do have a ready safe kit for your pets at home for the just-in-case scenario.
  • Keep other material harmful substance in another container away from your pet feed especially antifreeze, because it is poisonous and can be deadly.
  • Keeping your cat indoor provides a safe and healthy environment when you are not around. If the cats are at outdoor, make sure they are under your supervision because outdoor environment are in 10 times more danger than inside home.
  • Some certain human food are harmful to the cats such as chocolate, onions and medicine, therefore keep these items out of the reach of your beloved pet.
  • Safeguard all your home wire cord as cat will tend to chew them.
  • There are about 700 types of plant which may be dangerous to your cat, therefore a quick list of most common plant on your fridge will make the different.
  • Always keep the list of numbers of your nearest pet veterinary or pet poison control for any future reference.