Our Story

ProDiet® is an International brand that was founded in 2006. We are devoted to producing Uncompromising Pet Nutrition for pets so they can have more meaningful memories together.

Our commitments to produce the highest quality products ensured that we maintain strict packing regulations to serve our customers with fresh and natural products. We are driven to continuously improve our product formulations, offering unique feeding experiences for cats of all life stages.

We take pride in our success throughout the years and to share our achievement of using 100% Real Seafood; where our product offers real fish pieces.


The No.1 Pet Care Specialist

We aspire to produce the best nutritional diet for all pets and it is our mission to provide uncompromising pet nutrition so you can have more meaningful memories with your pets.


Pets, People and Partnership

As a pet-loving company, doing good starts with the people. We believe in providing the best quality products for your pets and responsive customer support to ensure your concerns are taken seriously and followed through. Our strong-willed team embraces a nurturing culture, fostering creative initiatives that lead to new ideas and trends to introduce new and improved feeding experiences.

Our Commitments

Finely Crafted Product with a Conscience

We produce high-quality products that meet stringent standards such as ISO 9001:200, GMP, HACCP and SUCI BERSIH to ensure our products meet global food safety standards.

ProDiet Belief

ProDiet Vision

Our Vision at ProDiet® is to be

the No.1 pet care Specialist

in the industry.

We persist in our efforts to provide a complete diet to all stages of a pet’s life. We aspire to achieve an aggressive growth of sales with the help from our distributors, dealers and retail partners. ProDiet® aims to be one of the regional (SEA) pet food brands, bringing our nutritional formulation to other parts of the region.

ProDiet® vision stands true to

our slogan GET CLOSER

We give emphasis to our product nutrition and the benefits it gives your feline companion. We make sure their internal and external health and nutrition is fulfilled while we give our customers a chance to build bonds between their cats.