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ProDiet® cat food range of products was launched in MALAYSIA in 2007. Growing our products from quality manufacturers within one of Thailand’s leading tuna & seafood facilities, we are driven to select and produce 100% Real Seafood meals ready to be served.

Since then ProDiet® has been receiving overwhelming responses, and has received numerous positive feedback nationwide and from all feline walks of life. At ProDiet® we strive to maintain strict packing regulations to serve our customers with fresh, natural, & all Halal quality products. We are continuously improving our product features, formulas and also additional choices for our consumers in the ProDiet® range.

Over the years, ProDiet® has grown to understand our consumers and we have studied and developed food to accommodate all our feline companions. ProDiet® offers a complete start up nutrition with our Kitten Range for our new born,young companions while growing alongside them into adulthood with our dynamic Adult Range and maturing with them with our Senior Range.

ProDiet® proceeds itself in ensuring our customer and consumers are provided with an affordable yet premium quality pet food for all, which includes a complete balance in nutritional benefits, suitable feeding quantity, exquisite taste all at an incomparable value.

We take pride in our success throughout the years and to be able to share our achievement as ProDiet® 100% Real Seafood; where every product offers real fish pieces right on to your plate.


Providing quality products and support to our CUSTOMER & CONSUMER

ProDiet® is made from all natural fish and chicken meat. We hold strong to our cause to protect the environment with small but mighty steps. ProDiet® products are produced under stringent manufacturing and quality management systems that meet the ISO 9001:2000 standards, GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) safety guidelines. We guarantee our customers a safe and HALAL food choice for their feline companions.

ProDiet® provides the best food quality for our consumers, with 100% Real Seafood as our slogan we pride in our selection of fish offered to our consumers for every stage of their lives. Our production is Dolphin & Turtle Safe and we emphasise on proper packing and preparation of all our products.

Striking the highest Success & Profitability together with our BUSINESS PARTNER

ProDiet® strives to enhance our brand equity within the Pet Care industry with our leading categories in kitten nutrition, our multiple choice range of adult food leading into our NEW senior cat range. We encourage new ideas & trends to preserve our Cat food brand as the number 1 brand in the Pet Food Industry.

Nurturing creativity, fostering initiatives and providing equal opportunities to our EMPLOYEES

We have a strong willed team behind ProDiet®. Working together for the success of the brand our team continuously endeavors to achieve the best outcomes with ProDiet® in mind. From our vast branding activities incorporated with our trade support & our proactive event management, we at ProDiet® persevere for excellence in every challenge.


Our Vision at ProDiet® is to be the No.1 pet care Specialist in the industry. We persist in our efforts to provide a complete diet to all stages of a pet’s life.

We aspire to achieve an aggressive growth of sales with the help from our distributors, dealers and retail partners. ProDiet® aims to be one of the regional (SEA) pet food brands, bringing our nutritional formulation to other parts of the region.

ProDiet® vision stands true to our slogan GET CLOSER. We give emphasis to our product nutrition and the benefits it gives your feline companion. We make sure their internal and external health and nutrition is fulfilled while we give our customers a chance to build bonds between their cats.