Felines are known as finicky eaters. They can easily turn away from a piece of bad or stale meat or gracefully stroll past a bowl of canned cat food while you wonder why they do that. This is simply because cats know what they eat. When your cat finishes the food that they are served, looking forward to the mealtime by purring, meowing, or rubbing against you as the mealtime approaches, or leading you to the feeding bowl, you ought to know that your cat enjoys what you feed! And this can never go wrong with ProDiet with its promise of 100% Real Seafood.

100% Real Seafood means better health and more nutrition benefits that lead to more quality playtime for you to Get Closer to your cat. Let’s take a look at what it means to have 100% Real Seafood in your cat’s balanced daily diet.

What is 100% Real Seafood?

ProDiet’s superior-quality array of cat food comprises 100% Real Seafood that is derived from 100% of completely real and fresh seafood such as tuna, salmon, mackerel, sardine, cod, and others. As one of the world-leading international pet food brands, we are committed to producing uncompromising pet nutrition for pets since our establishment in 2006, so pet parents can build and share more meaningful memories and experiences with their cats together.

To hold on strong to our 100% Real Seafood promise, we strictly ensure our products are of the highest quality standard with stringent food safety control, from ingredient sourcing and manufacturing to packaging and distribution. We practice strict QA & QC to provide our customers with fresh and quality products, which are 100% Real Seafood. Every pack of our wet food range offers real fish pieces. This promise does not cease here as we constantly research and discover new ways to improve our product formulations to offer unique feeding experiences to cats of all life stages without compromising on the nutritional aspect. This is the promise that brings success to our brand throughout the years as ProDiet is the professional , trusted, and go-to brand for pet parents today.

Why is 100% Real Seafood Important?

You may be wondering by now, “Do cats really need 100% Real Seafood?” For a healthier choice and more unique feeding experience, the answer is YES! Did you know that adult cats need significantly more protein than dogs and humans? Nothing beats pure fresh seafood when it comes to getting a balanced and healthy diet, especially in terms of protein, for your cat. Protein deficiency can lead to severe health issues for your cats such as blindness, heart failure, reproductive failure, and growth abnormalities.

It is not just about how much cats eat but what they eat to ensure an adequate amount of protein is consumed. Cats are carnivores and they need amino acids such as taurine from animal protein that contributes to eye, heart, and reproductive health. High-quality protein-rich food sources are exceptionally crucial in providing your cat with optimal health as protein serves as the primary energy source and muscle building for cats. ProDiet truly understands and targets this vital need for kittens and cats by providing 100% Real Seafood in its seafood range of cat food that is tailored to kittens and cats of different life stage , so a completely balanced diet is required for healthy growth.

How to Know It’s 100% Real Seafood?

It’s all in the packaging. It tells you what the cat food contains, dietary information, and at what life stage the cat food is made for. Study the product details in its packaging and identify the ingredients that fit your cat. With ProDiet, you can easily spot its nutritional information and benefits, life stage suitability, suggested intake, and many more, so you can purchase our cat food with peace of mind. We also provide feeding guidelines on our official website if you need more information on cat food storage and feeding amount.

ProDiet’s seafood range is made from 100% natural fresh fish such as tuna, mackerel, salmon, sardine, shrimp, or baby clam with no preservatives. Our menu has plenty to choose from as well. From broth and wet food to dry food, every ProDiet product is formulated and tailored to fit your cat’s appetite and nutritional needs. If you are unsure or skeptical of what is the right food for your feline friend, you can always seek advice from your veterinarian.

If you are switching to ProDiet -, we have a transition guideline to help you out. Ready to pamper your cat with ProDiet’s 100% Real Seafood? You may purchase them online and have them delivered to your doorstep!
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